Free design

Would you like to see in advance how the painting will look in your own interior in the desired size, version, or in the desired colors?
Mail us a photo of your interior and tell us which painting it is about.
Please also indicate the available space such as the height behind the sofa up to the ceiling, and the available width.
With this information we make a simulation / design for you with the photo of your interior and the painting exactly in the right size and proportions.
For this, go to customized advice. This service is completely free.

Some customization and design options:

- Adjust painting size / painting size.
Have you seen a nice painting, but is the size too small or too large? We can design and make the painting for you in any size.


- Free design of a painting in your interior.
We offer you the possibility to see the desired painting in advance in your own interior with a free professional design.


- Repainting your own photo or idea into a beautiful oil painting is also possible!

Casarti makes all paintings for you in any desired size, model or color.

For example, if you want to change the painting size, painting version or the colors of a painting, you can.
If you have found a painting on the internet, it is also possible that we adjust it to your wishes.
For this you can best send us an email with the photo and / or the link to the painting.
Send your e-mail to